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3-4 lb. Chilean Salmon Fillet

As the second largest producer, most of the Chilean salmon are consumed by the U.S. Packed with Omega-3's, these fish are great for a healthy diet.

$13.95 / lb
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3-4 lb. Faroe Island Salmon

Maintaining the highest levels of sustainability, the Faroe Island salmon are harvested in pristine waters located between Iceland and Norway. They have the highest fat content of all farmed salmon and are given NO antibiotics or hormones. Simply THE best in the world!

$16.95 / lb
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Steelhead Salmon Fillet

The steelhead is a rainbow trout that migrates to sea as a juvenile and returns to fresh water as an adult to spawn. Much like salmon in color and taste. Priced just right, this could possibly be the best tasting "salmon" you've ever had.

$0.00 / lb
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