Dixon Fisheries, Inc. is committed to protecting individual privacy. We respect your concern about privacy and the steps we are taking to insure your information remains private. We value the trust that you place in us with your information and take precautions to ensure that this information remains safe. This privacy policy describes the information we collect and what may happen to that information. Please take a few minutes to review how www.DixonsSeafood.com collects, protects and uses the information you provide us.

Important Terms

When reviewing this privacy statement you should be familiar with the terms "personally identifiable information" and "aggregate information." Personally identifiable information is any information that can be used to identify, contact, or locate you as an individual. Common examples of personally identifiable information are your name and email address. Aggregate information is composite information that groups information about you with other individuals. This kind of information can not be used to identify individual contact information or track individual patterns.

Website Usage & Data Collection

Dixon Fisheries, Inc. is committed to the responsible use of information provided by our customers, users and visitors to our Web site. In general, anyone may visit www.DixonsSeafood.com without telling us who they are or revealing any personal information. There are occasions, however, when we do need to obtain information from our visitors. For example, we track the total number of visitors to our site on an anonymous aggregate basis. In no way do we associate this aggregate data with personal information. When Dixon Fisheries, Inc. receives information about your visit or about you, we may use it for research or to improve our Web site and the services we offer. We may also use it to continue contact with you via e-mail or other means (to send you new information or notification of special offers). If you do not wish to receive this information, please let us know by sending a message to internetsales@dixonsseafood.com.

While IP addresses are logged to track user sessions, the user remains anonymous. We may analyze this data for certain trends and statistics, such as which parts of our site users are visiting and how much time they spend there. We do not link your IP address to anything that would identify you personally. Any and all information furnished to Dixon Fisheries, Inc. by you is for our internal use only. It is not sold to any third parties.

If you have questions or comments about our privacy policy, would like to stop receiving information from Dixon Fisheries, Inc. or would like to correct or update information you have provided us, please contact us at internetsales@dixonsseafood.com.

Statistical Information Collected When You Visit Our Website

When you visit our website, Dixon Fisheries, Inc. collects and stores statistical information about your visit. The information does not identify what an individual accesses on our website, but does enable us to produce summary statistical reports. We use the statistical information to help improve the design of our website and to analyze how web pages are being accessed.


Dixon Fisheries, Inc. does not approve of SPAM also know as UCE (unsolicited commercial email). Dixon Fisheries, Inc. does not send SPAM and it does not act as a relay point for SPAM from other mail servers. 

To report SPAM problems related to Dixon Fisheries, Inc., send an email to internetsales@dixonsseafood.com. Please attach the email in question in order to preserve all headers from the original message and send the message from an email account with a valid reply address.

Use of Email Addresses

On certain pages on its website, Dixon Fisheries, Inc. does request email addresses. These email addresses will be used for the requested purpose only.

External Links Disclaimer 

Links to other websites are provided for convenience and information only. Dixon Fisheries, Inc. assumes no responsibility for their content and does not endorse these web sites or their organizations. Dixon Fisheries, Inc. reserves the right to remove links to other websites at any time and without notice. Please read the Terms of Use statement for additional information.

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