Fish Flavor & Texture

Fish Flavor and Texture
Catfish Mississippi Moderate Delicate
Grouper (Red) Florida Mild Medium Firm
Halibut Alaska (Kodiac Is.) Mild Medium Firm
Marlin (Blue) Costa Rica Full Firm
Orange Roughy New Zealand Mild Delicate
Perch (Ocean) Boston Moderate Medium Firm
Salmon (Atlantic) Canada Moderate Delicate
Salmon (Coho) Alaska Moderate Delicate
Scallops (Bay) Baja Mexico Mild Firm
Scallops (Sea) Massachusetts Mild Firm
Sea Bass Chile Full Firm
Shark (Black Tip) Florida Moderate Firm
Snapper Bahamas Mild Medium Firm
Sole Boston Mild Delicate
Swordfish Canada and Gulf of Mexico Full Firm
Tilapia Costa Rica Mild Medium Firm
Trout (Rainbow) Idaho Moderate Medium Firm
Tuna (#2) Gulf of Mexico (Louisiana) Full Firm
Walleye (Canadian) Lake Erie Mild Delicte
Whitefish Lake Huron Moderate Delicate


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